Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Those Cuirassiers Again

Progress towards Blasthof continues: the box that can be ticked off today is that for the second cuirassier squadron. The photo below shows this along with its sibling. So I now have what Brigadier Peter Young would refer to as a 'weak regiment of sabres', others as a full division of cavalry. The Imperial Horse is now complete except for a single officer. I already have the figure but it will wait for now, while more important items are attended to.

It will be obvious to the observer that I like a relatively sedate pose of figure (I think Charles Grant makes a similar remark somewhere). Figures that are energetically charging, waving their swords about, somehow seem inappropriate for a SYW battle. Anyway, I like to think my cuirassiers are behaving as they did at Leuthen. To quote Christspher Duffy:

The celebrated Bayreuth Dragoons opened the attack, watched by the cuirassiers of Bevern's old army, who were still under something of a cloud. They were not altogether sorry to see the magnificent dragoons being mauled in the first clash with the Austrians. 'It is true that the cuirassiers in the second line could have given immediate support, but their best officers said: "Let the king's favourite dragoons stew a little first!" Finally, when the danger for the dragoons became too great, the cuirassiers arrived and saved them.'

With the completion of this squadron, I was expecting to be able to idle about for a few days while waiting for the next batch of figures to arrive from the manufacturers. However, they arrived yesterday: so the opportunity to be lazy, while striking a noble air and complaining about the laxity of the postal service etc. has been missed. I now have at hand the dragoon squadron and the artillery needed to complete the orders of battle for both sides.

The dragoons will be next as they are a fairly simple job. The artillery will be delayed while I decide exactly what I want to do with them: there's the potential for a considerable amount of remodelling (or figure mangling depending on your opinion of my skills). Of this, of course, more anon.

I still haven't resolved the issue of how to base my figures. Thank you, everyone, for your comments: you have given me a lot of ideas to go through. I shall give it all some heavy duty mulling before making the wrong decision.


abdul666 said...

A 'weak regiment of sabres'?
Already not that *weak* even by comparison with 'Charge!' and 'The Wargame', and really impressive.
Not sure it's fitting for Cuirassiers,but rge regiment is also *beautiful*.

The 'sedate pose' looks totally adequate for 'ponderous Heavies', if I may dare. Even within the Lace Wars context one can endvisage a 'gradient', from them to the most irregular Pandours. I tried to follow such a guide with my Amazons, long ago (with the 'irregular' units mixing poses and ranges).

Looking forward for the next units!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Your curaissiers look wonderful . . . and, yes, just a bit "nasty". Certainly they should worry their foes. Good job, sir.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

They do indeed look very nice. I'm sure they'll make a quite impressive threat to their foes.

Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice! Calm, cool, and collected.

Steve said...

..I agree - regiments in the age of lace should all be represented as steady and staid.... only when you get to the age of rifles is there room for a few fellows exhibiting signs of Saint Vitus Dance...

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Andy,

The entire squadron assembled looks great. Can't wait to see them in action.

Best Regards,