Friday, 12 December 2008

Cuirassiers At Last

Suren Cuirassiers on Stadden Horses

As vaguely alluded to in the title of my last blog entry but one, I have been working to complete my regiment of cuirassiers. I started on this unit over a year ago, and there were two squadrons present and correct in time for my BlastHof Bridge fight. Since then the regiment has been ignored in favour of the dragoons, who are so much easier to paint.

As the photos show, the third and last squadron is now completed. The regiment still lacks its proper complement of officers: but as with other recently 'completed' units, these are but decorative additions and must therefore wait until all vital components of the two armies are ready for Action!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Oh Its All About ....Someone Else Actually

John Preece is back with us after a short absence. He has returned with a loud bang, presenting us with a series of posts that are quite simply jaw-dropping. The photos are a thing of beauty in their own right, and the accompanying text gives considerable insight into the art of painting them. I find myself torn between envy and admiration.