Wednesday, 2 July 2008

More Musketeers

Painting is continuing at its normal, slow pace. All very routine really: I have finished the first company of the fourth (and last) infantry battalion needed for the Action! refight. It's just a straight forward painting of Stadden musketeer figures, in this case to some semblance of Prussian IR12.

Stadden Musketeers

I usually have twelve rank and file in an infantry company so, as the photo shows, one man has gone AWOL. What's happened is that one figure had a broken musket: I'd rather not waste valuable painting time on a figure in that state. I'll hopefully be able to fix the musket with some wire and milliput: a little project that will provide some variation from the task of painting all those musketeers.

With this company out of the way my metal mountain - which is never really more than a mole-hill by normal standards - has dwindled to just a few odd figures. I have another order from Tradition of London somewhere in the post, but in the meantime I can indulge in the pleasant pastime of fiddling around with individual figures rather than painting in bulk. I have a Suren Duke of Cumberland that looks like he may end up defecting to take up high command in the Imperial Army. I am also starting on the extra terrain I need for Action!, of which more in future posts.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Morning Andy,

Well, routine though they may be, your latest batch of musketeers look awfully nice. I look forward to each of your new photos with great enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!

Now, a few painting questions. What do you use as your basecoat? Do you use a black undercoat, or carefully black line after painting? What brand of paints do you use generally?

Best Regards,


Andy Mitchell said...

I use black undercoat with light grey dry brushed after to help me see detail. Paints are acrylics - Games Workshop or Coat d'Armes.

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree with Stokes. Very nice indeed!
I use a black undercoat. I might have to try the light gray drybrush...

Steve said...

They are lovely - keep it up!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Good-looking lads . . . but I want to see how they behave on the table top.

In other words, let's get to the "Action!" soon (I hope) . . . with lots of good photos and battle accounts.

-- Jeff

Andy Mitchell said...

I'm hoping that I'll have everything ready for Action! by Christmas time. That does involve painting slightly faster than the rate I've acheived so far though.