Friday, 29 August 2008


The Emperor, rudely made aware that noble blood formed no substitute for skill at arms, hastily despatched General Lentulus to take command...

So says the good book in its preamble to the battle of Sittangbad. Now I don't have an Imperial army as yet, but as I enjoy working on personality figures I could not resist modelling this gentleman.

I haven't been able to identify a Lentulus figure from the photos in Charge! but then, as the book's authors were happy to use the same figures to represent multiple personalities, this isn't really a problem. There aren't any Austrian figures in the Stadden or Suren ranges but the Duke of Cumberland figure happens to have a suitable uniform and is a nice example of Suren's work to boot.

General Lentulus - Suren Cumberland on Stadden Horse

I didn't do much remodelling on this figure. The saddle blanket was of a distinctive design that I hadn't seen before (though it appeared to match one on an engraving of Cumberland), so I replaced it with a paper one. The pistols and their holsters were also replaced.

Lentulus does have a historical counterpart, a Swiss officer Josef baron Lentulus being in the Austrian Service. His son (Rupert Scipio Lentulus) was also active in the SYW, fighting for the Prussians after being captured by them at Prague. Both father and son rose to the rank of General.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi there Andy,

Your Lentulus is gorgeous. I'm terribly envious!

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

Oh, nice mini! And thanks for the info.

Martin said...

Hi Andy,

He looks like, "The Very Model Of A Modern Major General". Outstanding!

Capt Bill said...

The Reich Duchy of Beerstein could use a Maj Gen as distinctive as Lentulus. Thanks for sharing...Bill

Martin said...

Hi Andy,

Me again. I was looking through Grant's, "The Wargame", and is it just me and my old tired eyes, or does General Lentulus look a lot like Brigadier Young's character, the Graf Von Grunt?

Andy Mitchell said...

The uniform details - certainly the cuffs - do match rather well so you may be right.

tidders said...

Super looking officer

-- Allan