Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Its Too Cold For Some

We just had a spell of unusually early cold weather here in the UK. For a day there was snow on the ground: very confusing for the many trees about that were still in full summer plumage. My computer was so impressed by this that it felt the need to mark the event by blowing up (I really must remember to put the heating on more).

The lack of a computer seemed, at first, to be a major loss. But I soon found that its absence encouraged me to spend more time painting and modelling. The rank and file for the two companies of my first light infantry battalion are now nearing completion and photos will follow shortly.

Sadly old habits seem to be returning all too quickly. I have an awful lot of blogs and other websites to catch up on, so the rabble of Le Noble's Freicorps stand unattended for the while.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I suspect I would be the same (ie. more productive without a PC) as I seem to waste an inordinate amount of wargaming time browsing various sites on the infernal web, and playing spider solitaire!! :o))

abdul666 said...

Well, well... both of you beware excess of solitary pleasure (in France it makes you deaf...): the 'Net saves your health!

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Andy,

Sorry to hear about your computer problems, but as you rightly point out, the absence of the computer (perhaps a successor to the TV) opens up all kinds of time to fill with painting and other gaming-related activities. On that note, I'm eager to see the photos of your light infantry battalion when it's ready for a Kodak moment.

Best Regards,


CWT said...

Steve is right - spider solitaire is the most addictive thing ever!