Friday, 18 December 2009

In my teenage years the only Charge! style units I possessed that were at full strength were artillery batteries and light infantry. The Airfix French Napoleonic Artillery set probably dominated the battlefield wherever Airfix models could be bought by teenagers (their Royal Horse Artillery set was ignored by aspiring European dictators for providing fewer cannon per box). Building a light infantry battalion took a little more effort, but with a single box of Waterloo British Infantry, painted as 95th rifles, you had figures to spare.

Innkeepers Eye View Of Freikorps Le Noble. Stadden Grenadiers With Milliput Hats

So it is something of a surprise to find it has taken me two years in my project before the first unit of light infantry is fully mustered. But, finally, the full complement of officers and musicians has now been added to Freikorps Le Noble. I have to say I do have some qualms about how those drummer boys are going to fare mixed up with such a desperate crew.

More Of The Same

Using the Stadden grenadier for the rand and file does cause some difficulties of scale. Stadden seems to have sized them to fit the Potsdam giants of Frederick the 1st and so they tower over their officers. That reminds me again of the old Airfix days where Highlanders and the Old Guard were both surprisingly puny compared to other troops.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Andy,

Your new unit is very pretty. I'll need to borrow that color scheme for an upcoming unit in my own Charge-sized armies.

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work on the paint job and the hat conversion! The coloring is similar to my Mayeux Musketeers. I like it! :)

DC said...

A splendid little unit - i've always been fond of the various Freikorps units. You know i thought you were mad doing all those tricorns in miliput, and then i went and did something similar myself.....8-)

Andy Mitchell said...

Lovely to hear that. Its what these blogs allow us to do: we all pick up stuff from each other, and change things slightly to suit our own designs.

tidders said...

A fine looking unit.

-- Allan