Friday, 5 March 2010

Private Schultz

The photos show the current state of affairs with 'Private Schultz' my master figure for Reichsarmee musketeers. Hopefully, they demonstrate some improvement in technique from my first attempts.

At this point I am torn between hastening to complete the figure so I can start painting, and the need to work a lot more to bring the figure up to a higher standard. This figure, if successful, is likely to be the progenitor of the troops for at least three infantry regiments (almost 150 men) and so every improvement made now will be of considerable value later.

The pose will be March Attack.  At the moment I am planning so use brass rods for musket barrels, so only the wooden stock needs to be included on the figure.  If I tried to cast the musket using gravity casting I'd have to have a short and excessively thick musket.


Fitz-Badger said...

Coming along nicely!
Of course it would be worth the time spent to really make him as good as you want, but I also understand the desire to finish and start casting and painting.

Interesting idea of adding brass rod later for the musket barrels. Are you going to add bayonets, too?

Andy Mitchell said...

Yes, the end of the rod will be hammered to form a bayonet.

DC said...

He is progressing well. A couple of details strike me as perhaps not quite right - is the canteen a bit small, and is the waistcoat long enough (there appears to be more thigh showing - ooh, err, missus, etc. - than you usually get with mid 18th century figures)? Could just be me, though. I do like the realistically large cartridge box - it makes a real difference when sculptors get that right.

If you're going to cast 100s of the little chap then i'd persevere til you're happy with the sculpting - otherwise it may bug you later (again, that could just be me).

Looking forward to seeing how he progresses. Cheers.

Andy Mitchell said...

Thanks for the input: often I find myself thinking that something's not right, without being able to identify what the problem is. I'm not sure if the waistcoat/thigh problem isnt that I've got the two legs merging together too low down, so the upper legs are, in effect, too short.

DC said...

Yeah, i think you're right - the front on view does indeed suggest that the legs separate too low down (unless he's wearing very baggy breeches). Cheers.

tidders said...

Coming along nicely

I gave up on my attempt - I just seemed to create a Mr 'potato head'

-- Allan