Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Battle - The Plan

Viewed from the Imperial side, the features of the battlefield presented a fairly simple subdivision into contrasting halves. To my left, it seemed that any attack I made would be confronted by a strong defense resting on the stream. The right was largely free of such obstacles and so it was to that side I decided to throw all my weight.

My left flank cavalry would therefore operate as a blocking force should my opponent attempt to move forces across the field of battle. The rest of the Imperial army would move against the right, led by the Gensdarmes attacking the enemy infantry battalion on the extreme right, my two infantry battalions pressing home their attacks as soon as they could close upon the enemy. My artillery would take up position in the centre where it could fire in support of my attack or else gall any units moving from the left.

The Imperial Army Advances

Well so much for my 'plan' such as it was. There seemed some hope at first that the enemy would fall in with it. There was some milling about by the Hessian units behind the stream, and their artillery seemed about to deploy on the stream's banks. But van Erp came to the realisation that such a position would be too far from the action for the guns to have any great effect, and any force esconced there would be relegated to spectators. And so the Hessians crossed the stream and then, seeing the point of pressure was moving towards their left, began moving in that direction.

The photo shows the battle after the first moves. The entire Imperial army is in the shot (save for the artillery, which is hidden behind the buildings). I'll conclude by relating what actually happened in one final post.

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Jim Wannop said...

Actually Mein Hair, Gouert Van Erp's plan was to change the plan so often that you would have no idea what he was going to do next. Unfortunately neither did he...