Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Plot So far

It was my plan to refight Action! this Christmas. This was a bad idea: if ever there is a time of year when it is difficult for two men to both find time to fight a wargame, then I suspect that Christmas is that time. It must be recognised that although this is the season of goodwill, the female half of the species will not extend the principle to wargamers who want to sneak off and play with 'toy soldiers'.

And so the only activity has been to muster all my forces, the product of about 20 months work, and see what exactly I have acheived in that time. As the photos show, there are a number of holes in the units currently enrolled that need to be fixed. The two infantry regiments that I painted first don't have static grass on their bases. This is not the kind of distinction I want for my senior regiments. The junior regiments are frequently missing officers and musicians.

The biggest decision I am struggling with involves a possible change of plan. I had originally intended to use all Prussian units for both sides. But I am now thinking about building the 'Imperial' forces using historical prototypes from the Reichsarmee. I have always been fascinated by this, possibly the worst European army in history.


Snickering Corpses said...

With regards to using the Reichsarmee as a basis, I say go for it. Ignoring their record, they make very interesting formations.

Der Alte Fritz said...

You have a very impressive looking collection so far. The "mass" of infantry is wonderous to behold.

There are some decent units in the Reichsarmee such as Blau Wurzburg, Hesse-Darmstadt and a few others. Duffy rates them in his Prussia's Glory book. Or you could raise an army of Wurttembergers, who look Prussian if that is your interest. Or Bavarians might look nice.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello ANdy,

Happy New Year! Wow, it's really something to see all of your soldiers set out together! Excellent work. I'll echo Jonathan and throw in my vote for the Reichsarmee idea. There were many neat uniforms there which will provide a more varied appearance for your second "imaginary" force. Many of the standards and guidons were variegated too.

Best Regards,


Robert said...

A splendid sight! I can only echo the others about doing what takes your fancy, and the Reichsarmee made up in sartorial splendour for what they lacked in military effectiveness.

guy said...

As DAF mentions there are some good units amongst some pretty dreadful ones. Interesting histories to research. They do however add colour to the massed ranks of Austrians I have so at present I have units for Rot Wurzburg, Hesse darmstadt, a regiment of Wurtemburgers and I think franconia who have yellow cuffs etc. Some of these are in the Mollo SYW uniform book. Lots of choice and a mixture of uniforms. Great flags too!


A J Matthews said...

Happy New Year, Andy! What an impressive array of troops! Yes, the Reichsarmee may have been indifferent IRL, but we all know things can alter on the tabletop. ;)

tidders said...

What a super looking collection.

Nice idea for using reicharmee units for the oppositions, good mix of uniforms.

-- Allan