Saturday, 16 February 2008

Slow Progress

I've mentioned before that my 'campaign' uses the timeline of today minus 250 years. So around this time Prince Ferdinand was conducting a winter campaign against the French. From Savory:

The Weser was covered in floating ice: the night was rough; no fishermen could be found who had the courage to put us across.

All of which seems pretty strange seeing that I am sat in my conservatory, and finding the sun rather too hot.

Today I'm cutting up terrain hexes, and prepping more cuirassiers to add those I'm currently painting. The latter hasn't been going too well: some of my milliput modelling has been rather careless of late, so some figures haven't come out as well as they ought. I comfort myself with the excuse that it's all good experience and my modelling will improve as my knowledge of what works and what doesn't develops. As well as my first test piece, five more troopers are now coming close to completion. The image below serves for little more that to illustrate my slow progress.

My tripod has arrived. There was a period of confusion while I figured out how to attach the camera to it - I was expecting some sort of clamp, rather than the far more sensible method of a standardised screw. I'll try and make time to take some better shots of the troops, now that camera shake can be eliminated.


abdul666 said...

The Cuirassiers look quite promising!


Steve said...

..they do - can we have a bigger picture, to see the detail??

Andy Mitchell said...

I'm hoping to complete the first squadron in a few days so I'll post a picture then.

Der Alte Fritz said...

When you download the picture into blogspot, select "large" or "largest" format for the picures. This way, we can click on the picture and it will enlarge said photograph to its full digital size.

BTW, I like the idea of using the Stadden horses with the Suren riders. The Stadden horses are gorgeous and more durable than the Suren horses and require less deflashing and figure prep work.