Friday, 22 February 2008

The Slowest Cavalry Advance Since Minden

I have at last completed the first squadron of cavalry. Evidence of this is given in the photos that follow.

This looks to be about as good as I can get with my current camera, so I've decided its time to get a newer one. My current one is very old and it looks like I can get a far better one at a fraction of the price now. If the delivery date is honoured I'll be taking new photos in about four days.

I've found that the Stadden bases are too small to be reliably stable. However, I still want the effect of individually based figures, so I can fight individual figure vs. figure melees as per Charge!. So I'll be mounting them on slightly wider bases - probably about 18mm wide. As there's a nominal spacing of 24mm between figures in my set up they should still look 'properly' separate.

I'm now at the point where I'm figuring out the final orders to the manufacturers that are needed to flesh out my small army for BlastHof. I need a squadron of dragoons and two guns and their crews. The Dragoons are an easy decision - Suren dragoons on Stadden horses. As I noted before the artillery is more problematic. At the moment I'm leaning towards Elite Miniatures SYW Austrian 3pdrs with gunners modified from Stadden AWI as suggested by Alte Fritz.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Good Morning Andy,

That's a a great looking squadron of cuirassiers you have assembled there! How did you complete the coats on your horses? It looks like you drybrushed some blue (or perhaps grey) onto them. Anyway, I'm eager to see the figures you paint next, Charge!

Best Regards,


Andy Mitchell said...

Morning Stokes, the horses are just black undercoated and then drybrushed dark grey. I think the satin varnish adds a bit of reflected colour too.

Steve said...

Andy - thanks for that tip - you're horses look fantastic and I'm keen to have a go with my 15's to see how it goes... I foresee a regiment of horse mounted on blacks following the series of posts on John Preece's blog on the subject! :o)

andygamer said...

The main thing with digital cameras is to ensure they have a "macro" function that allows you to take close-up pictures of smallish items.

I don't know if it's a universal symbol for the macro function or just the one that Fuji uses, but it's an icon of a tulip on my 5-year-old (and being remainedered when I bought it even then) camera.

I'd also suggest that you attach a wrist cord to it if it doesn't come with one already. There's at least once (at Canada's National War Museum) where I dropped it while fiddling around with something else and it would have fallen to the floor had I not had the wrist cord. (It's also convenient to leave it hanging from your wrist when you're walking around a convention or outside rather than stowing it in and out of a camera bag or pouch.)

Oh, and don't store the batteries in it if you're not using it for an extended time. My handbook warned against it; and a friend's friend had a battery leak when it was in storage and it ruined teh camera badly.

Andy Mitchell said...

Its the macro mode that my current camera was missing. The new one has that, I'm reading the manuals now (it has taken one day to arrive rather than the four days that were expected).

abdul666 said...

The evidence looks GREAT!


Bluebear Jeff said...


Your cuirassiers look far better than mine do. A very nice paint job.

I look forward to seeing the results of your new camera.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

That's a lovely looking squadron of cuirassier.

Looking forward to seeing your refight of Blasthof.

-- Allan